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AviationValues Matrix (Aug- Feb)

Our AviationValues Matrix provides a snapshot insight into recent aircraft value movements and market sentiments. Using our Automated Valuation Model (AVM), values of selected airframes and their relative changes are calculated and reflected in the below matrices. The % difference in value is determined by comparing airframe values by the same date of each month. Supporting comments written by our Head of Commercial Analysts, Gary Crichlow.

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Narrowbody value movements reflect continued robust demand outstripping available supply, particularly for classic technology aircraft. With well publicised delivery supply chain challenges and new technology engine durability issues, pricing of classic technology aircraft has increased markedly.

Recent market trades indicate a cooling of A321neo values in the last 6 months, although this needs to be seen in context. The A321neo had been the primary beneficiary of very strong post-Covid recovery demand and is still a very strong performer in terms of value.

The star performer in the past 6 months has been the A321ceo. Which sits in the same sizing sweet spot as the A321neo, with the advantage of the mature, proven technology engines that the market is currently demanding.


Continued recovery in demand for widebody lift has generally resulted in upward pressure on values, based on observed trade pricing.

Trading for A350-900s has indicated a very slight cooling in the past six months. This is relative to highly resilient value performance since the pandemic.

The 777-300ER is additionally benefitting from continued delays in the 777X programme. The A330-300 is also rebounding as its key Asian markets pick up, and rumours of the A380's demise appear to be greatly exaggerated ... for now.

Note: Value changes will not appear for impossible situations. For example, a 10 year old A321neo would be considered an impossible situation. Hence, AviationValues may switch one airframe for another when it is appropriate to do so. The current airframes are highly representative of their respective category. Grey marked % changes indicate that the values have remained relatively stable over the previous month (+- 0.5% change).

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Data as of February 2024

Disclaimer: The purpose of this blog is to provide general information and not to provide advice or guidance in relation to particular circumstances. Readers should not make decisions in reliance on any statement or opinion contained in this blog.

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